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A secure and interactive platform that ensures that your hospital, pharmacy or practice can purchase and receive pharmacuetical products in a safe and efficent environment.

Open to Licensed Pharmacies, Hospitals, and Medical Professionals in Nigeria


All Products purchased on DrugStoc can be tracked back to the official
manufacturer or the importer in Nigeria.

Browse thousands of NAFDAC registered drugs available from accredited wholesalers in Nigeria.


Find the right brand for your patients by comparing similar compositions, manufacturers and country of origin.


Use our logistics and get bulk orders within 48 hours and rush orders on the same day.


Flexible payment options. Cash on delivery, Secure Online Payment and available Credit Options.

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Register today to gain access to our eHub Drug Database 

Compare realtime pricing while increasing the efficacy and quality of the drugs you dispense to your patients.

Leave no room for counterfeit or sub-standard products to get into your inventory. 

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Available to all HEFAMAA compliant Health Facilities If you are a registered medical professional, you can now search, compare, and buy thousands of pharmaceuticals products without leaving your desk.

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Enhance how you discover products that could sell in your pharmacy. The variety of brands available on drugstoc ensures that you find the brand mix that best suits your Patient pool. 

Available to all PCN registered pharmacies

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  • Acetylsalicyclic acid 75mg , Amoxicillin + Clavulate Potassium 625mg, Artemether + Lumefantrine ,Bromazepam 1.5mg, Chlorphenamine 4mg , Ciprofloxacin 500mg , Clotrimazole cream , Diclofenac potassium 50mg , Diclofenac sodium + Vitamins B1 + B6 +B12 , Diclofenac sodium 100mg , Erythromycin 500mg , Fluconazole 200mg , Fluconazole 400mg , Fluconazole powder for oral suspension 10mg/ml , Gabapentin 300mg , Heamoglobin syrup with vitamin B12 , Ibuprofen 200mg , Ibuprofen syrup 100mg/ml , Ketoprofen 150mg , Metronidazole 400mg
  • Adhesive Plaster big size , Alcohol swap , Blood giving set , Catheters , Cotton wool 100mg , Crepe Bandages ,Gauze cloth , Sterile gloves, , Face mask , Examination gloves , Infant feeding tubes , Infusion giving set , Intravenous cannulas , Plaster of Paris , Spinal needles , Syringes , Urine collection bag.
  • Foot Braces , Vaccines , Antibacteria gels , Soaps , Dispensing bottles , Dispensing Envelopes , Automatic counting Trays , Hazard Suits , Drip Stands



& Hospital equipment.


Speciality orders


Its not just how you procure your drugs,

Make more savings by managing your inventory with DrugStoc

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DrugStoc Inventory Management System

Our inventory management system integrates the purchasing power of with a market tailored approach to stock taking and reporting.

Account for every single pill bought and dispensed, get alerted when your stock is running low, and most importantly compare all your stock to our eHub and make instantaneous savings on items you currently use. 

Automatic Order

Eliminate Stock outs by activating the Just-in-Time automatic order feature.

Improve access

Improve access, variety, and availability of pharmaceuticals and consumables.

Live Pricing

View today's market prices of all the drugs in the market  

Time efficiency

DIMS Simple order management tool makes ordering drugs as simple as a click. No more chasing suppliers!


Simplify your drug market interaction via our call centre, web platform, or customer relationship manager.

Traceable Supply Chain

Eliminate counterfeit drugs through an end to end reliable and traceable supply chain.

Centralized Order

Centralize all orders and payments for less tedious reconciliation and monitoring.

Easy To Compare

Ease the comparison of prices to choose the right brand of product that is suitable to your client - patient pool.


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